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This Renovation is all about how small changes can make a big difference!! We took out 1 load-bearing wall but for the rest, the changes are all pretty simple and cheap. We love the light feel of this apartment. By taking some walls out at the entrance and in between the kitchen and bedroom this became a Wonderful place to sit and read, have breakfast, and celebrate.

What we did besides painting and flooring:

-3 new electricity groups so you can have the oven, microwave and the dishwasher on together with the watercooker :-)

-embed the water pipes in the wall in the kitchen and in the bathroom

-we ripped out the hallway so now you enter in the living area

-we took out the wall between the kitchen and bedroom and made it a living-kitchen

-renovate the bathroom 

-we brought electricity to the attic

-install fast internet with a custom installed router providing the network for you're smart-home

-install a wifi-thermostat, a very handy feature to have

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